Dr. Al-Dirdiri Receives Ambassadors of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Dr. Al-Dirdiri Receives Ambassadors of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt

Sudan News Agency – Sudan

The Foreign Minister, Dr. Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, received in his office Wednesday the Ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and the Charge d’ Affaires at the Embassy of Egypt and discussed the peace process in Yemen on the light of Stockholm agreement, the arrangements for the coming Arab – European summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh at which Sudan will head the Arab side, the security at the Red Sea area as well as the general situation in the Arab World.

The Yemeni Ambassador expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Sudanese leadership, people and Armed Forces for the great sacrifices they made for the Yemeni brothers and the hosting of Yemenis in the past and during the current crisis.

The Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have appreciated the role played by the Sudan to support the legitimacy and stability in Yemen and the Arab region.

The Foreign Minister stressed the importance of uniting the Arab rank and strengthening solidarity among the Arab countries as the most effective way to meet the challenges posed by major changes in the international arena and to talking about a new world order.

He also referred to the central role that Arab-European cooperation can play in the light of historical ties, geographical proximity and common and interrelated interests.

The minister has appreciated the Arab solidarity and support extended to Sudan by its Arab brothers during the recent events, asserting that Sudan will be on the level of responsibility and trust entrusted to it by the brothers, friends and the international community as a whole.