Lesotho citizens pioneer the country’s first online radio station
Monday, March 11, 2019
Lesotho citizens pioneer the country’s first online radio station

African Daily Voice

Lesotho is set to launch its first online radio project; African Daily Voice has learnt.

“Yes it is the first of its kind in the country but it is our hope that there shall be fair data rates to the subscribers (listeners) which will make it easy for everyone to tune in via an App,” Tello Leballo told African Daily Voice, adding that “they have set up a Facebook page to ignite interest and curiosity so that by the time we debut on air we’ll have a significant number of following to best achieve our vision.

Dubbed the Sky Alpha HD the webcast station intends to focus on youth empowerment, networking and socio-economic issues as well as to create platform for small businesses to expose their mandate, powered by entertainment.

“It is visible that most radio stations and other media platforms in the country focus too much on politics and other irrelevant content, all while forgetting that there’s an alarming rate of poverty and unemployment, due to marginalizing small businesses and making it difficult to create platform for slots and advertorials because of costly rate cards,” he said.

“It’s also our realization that there are prolific projects and initiatives that are shaped to groom and mentor young people in businesses but not given enough exposure, hence the Sky Alpha HD inception. The radio station will help create disseminating network through slots, infomercials, adverts and promotional jingles. The idea is to encourage small to middle scale entrepreneurs to come forth and share their visions, challenges, proposals and services with listeners locally and across the globe.”

The demographic focus for the station will be Lesotho, Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland.

“In this regard, we have initiated connects in these countries that will also sensitize and market the radio station, with a mission to have a strong and sustainable web in the sub-Saharan region, as a platform to create opportunities amongst each other to help substantiate the business sector in the country,” said Leballo.

Leballo also added that it is evident that digital technology is the future, hence a project of this model.

“The company is set to hold auditions on Sunday 31 March, (More info will be published on our page: Sky Alpha HD), and we are looking for nothing but the best to represent the mountain kingdom at the global fraternity. The name says it all, we are destined to the sky since we are the brightest star in the constellation.”