MCC Threshold: Togo finally gets $35M facility approved last April
Friday, February 15, 2019
MCC Threshold: Togo finally gets $35M facility approved last April

Togo First

Togo finally has access to the $35 million US financing approved last April under the MCC’s threshold program. The funds will be used to support ICTs and land management in the county.

Documents for the funds’ disbursement were signed on February 14, 2019, by Togolese and US officials.

“We noticed that Togo made significant efforts in the last nine months, in regards to ICTs and land. We have good reasons to be satisfied since this is a milestone for the US-Togo partnership; a partnership we want to be more dynamic”, said Cynthia Huger, CEO of the MCC, in the presence of the US ambassador to Togo, David Gilmour.

In detail, the threshold program will in the ICT sector help improve populations’ access to affordable and quality services, by promoting private investments. In the land sector, it should foster the formalization of land access, by legitimizing customary land rights and boosting inclusive access, among others.

Togo now wants to benefit from the Compact, also an MCC program whose amount exceeds that of the threshold and which is more difficult to secure. A move spurred by the recent validation of two new indicators under the MCC’s yearly reference assessment, putting Togo on the same level as Côte d’Ivoire.