Prime Minister: Minerals will Change Sudan Economic Map
Monday, February 18, 2019
Prime Minister: Minerals will Change Sudan Economic Map

Sudan News Agency - Sudan

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Muttaz Musa, has affirmed the spreading of big gold reserves in more than 70% of Sudan states.

He said that the studies have proven the existence large reserves of most minerals, top of them is gold spreading in 14 of Sudan states.

Addressing the opening sitting of the International Mining Exhibition and Forum Monday at the Friendship Hall, the Prime Minister stated that the forum convenes under regional and international challenges, especially that the economies of the African countries depend on the exportation of raw materials, a matter that deprives them added-value and the creation of sustainable jobs.

He said that these challenges impose on these countries a moral duty to build successful partnerships for increasing finance and technology transfer.

He affirmed the government's commitment to open the doors of Sudan to investors to achieve beneficial partnerships, pointing to the existence of an Investment Law that is attractive and encouraging, especially in the field of mining, Muttaz has calling on the conferees to create real channels of communication to promote the economies of their countries.

He said that the government of the Sudan is seeking to build a strong and influential nation in the regional and international arenas through realization of stability and growth, stressing the government's readiness to adopt the outputs of the forum as the ideal framework for optimal utilization of the mineral potentialities for the sake of a prosperous future for the coming generations.