Seven Pillars of Egyptian Identity monument welcomes visitors to WYF
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Seven Pillars of Egyptian Identity monument welcomes visitors to WYF

Egypt Today – Egypt

The memorial of "The Seven Pillars of the Egyptian Identity" stands to receive thousands of youth who will attend the World Youth Forum set to held starting Saturday.

The memorial represents one of the most important messages of the WYF, as it was obtained from a book by famous Egyptian historian Milad Hanna, carrying the same title. The first version of the book was published in 1989. The last version of the WYF was inspired by this book.

At the front of the stage of the show is a statue of a person whose face features are overlapped and interfered to express all the features of different people from different countries and cultures.

The white statue was designed in a geometric way that draws attention. On the base of the statue was written a saying: "Every One is Only Every One Else."

Each of the seven pillars expresses a part of the Egyptian identity and personality, and written on each of them the type of civilization that influenced Egypt.

The first pillar is for the Pharaonic era, on which the value of cooperation was written. The second one represents the African civilization, and highlights the value of nature. Also, the third pillar represents the Islamic civilization, and highlights the value of equality.

The fourth column pertains to the Coptic civilization, and talks about the value of unity and cohesion, while the fifth column represents the Mediterranean civilization, and frames the value of culture and awareness. Moreover, the sixth column expresses the Arab civilization and the value of the truth that the Arabs were interested in searching for throughout history.

As for the seventh column, it represents the Greek and Roman civilization.

The WYF will be held for the third time between December 14-17.

The agenda of the 3rd edition of the WYF was released indicating that the conference will consist of 16 panels discussions.

There are seven sessions on technology, three sessions on the Mediterranean, two sessions on Africa, one session on women, one session on climate change, one session on peace and security, and one session on arts.

The forum management planned to organize theatrical shows set to be presented starting December 13 with the opening, to bring together promising artists from all over the world to present their talents and represent their cultures through a variety of cultural and artistic activities.

Sophia, the most advanced robot and first artificially intelligent (AI) robot to be granted a citizenship will participate in the WYF as well.