Tunisia to host 1st International Business People Forum
Monday, April 15, 2019
Tunisia to host 1st International Business People Forum

TAP – Tunisia

Tunisia will host the first International Business People Forum for Investment and Trade between Countries, due on April 23-24 under the sign of “Towards new horizons for investment and international co-operation.”

The Forum will host about 75 foreign business people (from Russia, Italy, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait), as well as 160 Tunisian businessmen, Head of the Arab Women Association Wajiha Jebali indicated on Monday at a press conference held in Tunis.

An announcement will be made during this meeting on the launch by a Tunisian investor of an African bank that will gather 14 African countries with €300-million capital, Jebali told TAP.

The forum will aim at investment opportunities in the industry, tourism and renewable energies field in Tunisia, she noted. It will offer an occasion to promote the business climate in the country and the privileges granted to investors.

In this respect, Jebali reiterated the need to pool all efforts of economic operators and associations so as to attract foreign investments and provide a positive image on Tunisia, instead of settling for actions taken by the government.

For his part, President of the High Businessmen Council Abdelhafidh Sakroufi estimated that the forum will be an opportunity to attract important foreign investments, given the participation of the International Business Bank that preserves a $5-billion budget for the achievement of projects in Africa.

He further noted that international producers from Morocco and Spain will take part in this forum so as to review the possibility to make a film on Carthage’s founder, Elissa.

The Tunisian administration is called upon to further co-operate with the businessmen so as to ease the procedures for the achievement of the projects and to attract investments.

The first international business people forum for investment and trade between the countries will be organised at the initiative of the High Businessmen Council and the Arab Women Association.