Government Delegation and SPLM, Revisionary Front (Aga'ar) Sign in Initial Political Document
Sunday, March 15, 2020
Government Delegation and SPLM, Revisionary Front (Aga'ar) Sign in Initial Political Document

Sudan News Agency – Juba

The government delegation to the peace negotiations and the Sudan's Peoples Liberation Movement, the Revolutionary Front led by Malik Aga'ar, signed in initials in Juba today, a political document on issues of governance, powers and authorities in the two areas, in the presence of members of the two delegations, and the leadership of council of the Revolutionary Front, the Southern Sudan Mediation, the United Nations and international observers of the peace process.

 The member of the government delegation to the peace negotiations, Hassan Nasrullah, has signed for the Sudan’s government, while, Eng. Abdullah Issa Zaied the member of the movement's delegation has signed for the SPLM North of the Revolutionary Front, and member of the South Sudan state Dr. Du Matouk has signed on part of the mediation.

The signing ceremony took place at the peace negotiations' headquarter in Palm Africa Hotel in the capital of South Sudan state Juba.

Member of the government delegation to the peace talks, Maulana, Ismail al- Ta'aj, noted in press statements that the signing of the document is an essential step in process of achieving peace in Sudan, referring to the necessity of readiness of the parties to the talks to face challenges of implementation of the agreement in reality, commending efforts of the Southern Sudan's mediation in bringing closer views of the parties.

He promised the Sudanese people the closer realization of peace which he indicated is matching with slogans of the glorious revolution of December.

In the same context, the head of the South Sudan's mediation team, Tout Glwak has promised the Sudanese people with the coming peace as a reality, noting that the South Sudan’s government has started the preparations for the celebration of the Sudan’s peace with the reception of the guests of the celebrations from the Sudan and from outside the Sudan.

He indicated that the rest of the national issues of the peace process will be discussed by the revolutionary factions as one bloc with the government delegation.

On his part, the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM N, the Revolutionary Front, Yassir Arman explained that what has been included in the document had not been achieved in the Naivasha Agreement signed in 2005.

He asserted the Revolutionary Front decision for putting an end to the armed action and the return to Khartoum to continue the realization of the national goals via the political work, and with a plain partnership with military and the civilian components.

Yassir Arman has thanked the government of South Sudan, the mediation team, the government delegation represented by Mohamed Hassan al- Tayshi, member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Maulana Ismail al- Taj , noting that they have reached  the agreement with the full support of Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, the First Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council, head of the government peace negotiating delegation, and with complete understanding with lt. gen. Shamsul Eddin Kabashi, member of the Sovereign Council and the government peace negotiations delegation.

the Chairman of the Revolutionary Front, Dr. al- Hadi Iddris, has extended thanks to the government and president of the state of South Sudan Silva Kiir Myrdet for their support to the Sudan’s peace process, congratulating the two negotiating parties on the agreement, which he stressed its benefits for the peoples of the two areas.

The head of the Revolutionary Front emphasized the front's commitment to reach a final peace agreement according to the date set by the mediation on the 9th of next April.