Joint Higher Sudanese – Ethiopian Economic Committee Conclude Meetings
Thursday, February 28, 2019
Joint Higher Sudanese – Ethiopian Economic Committee Conclude Meetings

Sudan News Agency

The joint higher Sudanese – Ethiopian economic committee Thursday concluded its meetings in Khartoum and issued its final communique which was signed by the Vice – President of the Republic, Dr. Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir, and the Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ethiopian side, Demki Mokenon,

Dr, Kibir has appreciated in a joint press conference by the end of the meeting the efforts of the joint technical committee, indicating that the two parties have unanimously agreed on all the issued discussed at the meeting.

He said that the two parties have agreed on reactivating all the joint Sudanese – Ethiopian mechanisms and the importance of solving the border demarcation dossier.

He pointed out that the talks have contributed to bolstering the good relations between Sudan and Ethiopia.

The Vice – President has called on the official organs and the bordering states to exert more efforts for strengthening the ties between the bordering Sudanese and Ethiopian states.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister, Demki Mokenon, pointed out that the talks will further strengthen the relations between Sudan and Ethiopia at both the government and people’s levels, describing the joint committees as of maximum importance for the two countries

He appreciated the deeply-rooted ties between the peoples of the Sudanese and Ethiopian peoples, stressing the joint higher economic committee will contribute to cementing the bilateral relations.

Mokenon said that work of the other joint political, social and security committee will also be reactivated.

He asserted the keenness and commitment of the Ethiopian side to implement what was agreed upon.