Mauritius and Madagascar to Consolidate Partnership
Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Mauritius and Madagascar to Consolidate Partnership

Government of Mauritius (Port Louis)

The ambition of the Government of Mauritius is to forge a partnership that is built on the complementarities and convergences of Mauritius and Madagascar to ensure the prosperity of both parties, while keeping in mind our shared vulnerability to climate change and other external threats. Through our adhesion to different regional blocs, both countries have taken a common stance with respect to advocating a globalisation process anchored in the principles of inclusivity so that it is made more humane, in order for each country benefits from economic growth.

This was the gist of the message of the Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, during a banquet given yesterday at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, Pailles, in honour of the President of the Republic of Madagascar, Mr Andry Nirina Rajoelina, who is the Chief Guest of the Government on the occasion of the National Day Celebrations of the 51st Independence of Mauritius and the 27th anniversary of the Republic.

In his address, Prime Minister highlighted that the presence of the President Rajoelina for this landmark event of the country is a symbolical testimony to the strong friendship and fraternal ties that Madagascar and Mauritius share, as well as strong sense of solidarity intrinsically woven through the common historical and human linkages. This, he said, showcases the willingness and commitment of Madagascar to further strengthen bilateral ties with Mauritius and heralds’ further avenues of cooperation.

The Prime Minister dwelt on Madagascar's immense geographical expanse, its unique and rich civilization as well as its laudable political aspirations and prospects for the future along with its prestigious status as a key player in the region. Prime Minister Jugnauth seized the opportunity to congratulate the newly elected President and expressed conviction as regards his endeavour to help the country advance to a prosperous future. According to Mr Jugnauth, Africa needs such young leaders who are deeply resolved to strive for the development and progress of the continent by responding to prevailing challenges.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Jugnauth underscored the signature of three Memoranda of Understanding with the Government of Madagascar, yesterday, as a major step for a further revitalisation of the Malagasy-Mauritian relationship and reiterated the commitment of Government to strengthen the diplomatic relations and consolidate their position to positively influence decisions as regards bilateral and multilateral issues.

He underpinned the unwavering support of Madagascar as well as the strong sense of solidarity of other Member States of the African Union that considerably helped for the favourable historic ruling of the International Court of Justice on 25 February 2019 as regards Government's battle to complete the decolonisation process of Mauritius.

The Prime Minister also recalled that Mauritius will be hosting the Indian Ocean Islands Games in July and invited Madagascar to participate in this key regional event that upholds the spirit of unity, friendship and solidarity.

As for President Rajoelina, in his address he said he was honoured to be in Mauritius for a milestone moment in the country's history, while adding that the country stands as a model for the continent of Africa and for the Indian Ocean region in regards to the development, economic progress and political stability achieved throughout the years. He expressed conviction that the countries' historical bonds, geographical proximity and solid bilateral relations can translate into a consolidated economic and commercial partnership standing as a model for the region.

Moreover, Mr Rajoelina reiterated both Government's shared vision of progress that can be concretised by tapping into the strong bilateral ties and mutual interests to usher a new era of cooperation to weave and explore new avenues of cooperation.

He emphasised that Mauritius remains one of Madagascar's most strategic partners in development and cooperation and in line with the newly elected Government's vision to embark on a new development agenda, Government will act as a facilitator to unlock potential partnerships with Mauritian investors.