Prof. Omer Lauds Strong Sudanese – Egyptian Relations
Monday, February 11, 2019
Prof. Omer Lauds Strong Sudanese – Egyptian Relations

Sudan News Agency

Chairman of the National Legislature, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, has affirmed the strong relations between Sudan and Egypt, calling on the governments of the two countries to pay attention to the interests of the peoples of the two countries.

At an interview conducted by editors – in – chief of Egyptian newspapers in Cairo, Prof. Omer has referred to mutual understanding between the Sudanese and Egyptian Presidents as well as the great understandings between the Sudanese and Egyptian parliaments in the legislative and monitoring fields that have culminated in the establishment of the River Nile Parliament.

Prof. Omer has congratulated the President of Egypt, Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, for assuming leadership of the African Union, pointing to the challenges facing Africa.

He called on the African countries to work collectively to enhance the situation in the continent and to combat terrorism, illegal immigration, displacement and poverty, referring to the tremendous potentialities in the continent.

Responding to a question, Prof. Omer said that the visit paid by the President of the Republic to Syria came as part of the role of Sudan for patching up the rift in the relations between the Arab brothers and achieving solution for the problems facing the Arab World.

He pointed out that time has come for return of Syria to the bosom of the Arab World and to achieve solutions of its problems and crises.

He assured effectiveness of the role of the President of the Republic for resolving the problems at the Arab and African arenas, especially in Yemen, Libya, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

Prof. Omer affirmed Sudan support to the return of Syria to membership of the Arab League.

He reiterated Sudan's firm and fair position among the brothers in Egypt and Ethiopia in the issue of water and construction of the Renaissance Dam, affirming that Sudan is keen that every country has to get its right in the Nile Water.

The National Legislature’s Chairman has pointed to the efforts being exerted by Sudan to surpass its internal crises, continue the national dialogue and issue the new constitution.

He said that the solution will be an inclusive political, economic and social one and by concern with the increase of production, and good management and finding markets for the Sudanese exports.