Sisi: Egypt, Sudan tied by eternal bond
Sunday, January 27, 2019
Sisi: Egypt, Sudan tied by eternal bond


President Abdel Fattah El Sisi termed on Sunday 27/1/2019 the bond tying the two neighbors Egypt and Sudan as eternal.

Over the course of their history, Egypt and Sudan shared not only a deeply rooted relationship but the same destiny and the same one track as part of an eternal bond, he said at a press conference with his Sudanese counterpart Omar el Bashir that followed their summit talks.

Bashir arrived earlier in the day on a one-day visit.

Sisi stressed that the two countries were in constant full cooperation and constant search for supporting their mutual interests to serve the two nations in all fields.

He said the historic Egyptian-Sudanese relationship was so rare to find between any other two countries at the global level.

The Sudanese President's visit to Egypt today crowns countless efforts over the past year to promote the bilateral relationship and cooperation to serve the interests of the two countries, Sisi said.

Also, the higher Egyptian-Sudanese presidential committee that convened in Khartoum in October last year witnessed the signing of 12 agreements. During the committee meeting, the progress of the implementation of bilateral agreements was reviewed, he added.