President El-Sisi Holds Talks with the Belgian Prime Minister in Brussels
Friday, February 18, 2022
President El-Sisi Holds Talks with the Belgian Prime Minister in Brussels


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi held an expanded session of talks with Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, in the presence of the two countries’ delegations.

The Spokesman for the Presidency said the Belgian Prime Minister welcomed President El-Sisi on his first visit to Brussels and on his participation in the sixth European Union-African Union summit, with the aim of strengthening joint efforts to enhance the strategic partnership between the EU and the AU. On the level of bilateral relations, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was keen on lauding Egypt’s achievements in the area of development and mega national projects, which contributed to spurring Belgian companies to operate in Egypt to benefit from the promising investment opportunities there.

President El-Sisi expressed his appreciation for the warm reception and hospitality he received, and underscored his keenness on further advancing bilateral relations, given the historic relations between Egypt and Belgium. The President confirmed his keenness on participating in the European Union-African Union summit, which aims to boost development and realize the aspirations of the African peoples for stability and prosperity. The President hoped the summit would further enhance the partnership relations between Europe and Africa, extending Egypt’s historic role in laying the foundation of this partnership by hosting the first summit between the two sides in Cairo in 2000.

The meeting reviewed a number of issues pertinent to bilateral relations across all areas. Those include, in particular, the development and management of ports, logistics, clean and renewable energy as well as green transformation, against the backdrop of the huge progress in Egypt in this increasingly important sector at the international level and Egypt’s hosting of the international climate change summit by the end of this year. President El-Sisi confirmed that Egypt has now an advanced, fully integrated infrastructure at the highest level, which was established over the past seven years, paving the way for effective cooperation and partnership in the field of energy in all its forms, either in terms of production, interconnections or distribution to neighboring countries in the region and Europe. For his part, the Belgian Prime Minister underlined his commitment to further boosting cooperation and the partnership between Egypt and Belgium, encouraging Belgian companies to boost the size and scope of their business in Egypt, and further promoting the outstanding and firm relations between the two countries.

The talks also touched on a multitude of regional dossiers of mutual interest. The Belgian Prime Minister was keen on getting a closer understanding of the President’s vision on political issues in the Mediterranean region, the African continent and the Middle East. He also lauded Egypt’s remarkable efforts under the leadership of President El-Sisi in the fight against extremist ideology and in solidifying the principles of freedom of belief, tolerance, and acceptance of the other, in addition to efforts toward women empowerment and launching the National Strategy for Human Rights.