Beninese Profile
Beninese Profile

The Republic of Benin is from north to south a long stretched country in West Africa.

Location & Area:

  • It is situated east of Togo and west of Nigeria, and bordered to the north by Burkina Faso and Niger, in south by the Bight of Benin, in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • It covers an area of 112,622 km2.


  • Porto-Novo

National Day:

  • August 1


  • Tropical; hot, humid in south; semiarid in north.


  • Mostly flat to undulating plain; some hills and low mountains.


  • 11,340,504 (July 2018 estimate)


  • French (official), Fon and Yoruba.


  • Benin’s flag is two equal horizontal bands of yellow (top) and red (bottom) with a vertical green band on the hoist side.


  • West African CFA franc

Administrative divisions:

  • It is divided into 12 departments includes; Alibori, Atacora, Atlantique, Borgou, Collines, Couffo, Donga, Littoral, Mono, Oueme, Plateau and Zou.


  • It is latest adopted by referendum on December 2, 1990 and promulgated on December 11, 1990.


  • Presidential Republic

President of Benin:

  • Patrice Talon

Natural resources:

  • Small offshore oil deposits, limestone, marble and timber.


  • Agriculture products: Cotton, corn, cassava (manioc, tapioca), yams, beans, palm oil, peanuts, cashews; livestock.
  • Industries: Textiles, food processing, construction materials, cement.
  • Main exports: Cotton, cashews, shea butter, textiles, palm products, seafood.
  • Main imports: Foodstuffs, capital goods, petroleum products.