Egyptian-Senegalese Relations
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Egyptian-Senegalese Relations
Egyptian-Senegalese Relations

Senegal is one of the African countries with an impressive history in the minds of Africans. Senegal's geographical location helped to distinguish it with social and tourist characteristics. Its cities bear many signs of excellence and uniqueness in terms of architecture, nature, climate, history and cultural heritage.

Egypt has been in the forefront of the countries that established diplomatic relations with Senegal immediately after its independence from France on April 4, 1960. Egypt is the second country to recognize Senegal's independence after France.

Political Relations

The diplomatic relations between the two countries began on 4/4/1960 due to the strong relations between President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Senegalese President Senghor. The joint relations are in harmony at all levels due to the similar stances toward various regional and international issues. Egypt participates annually in the Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa, launched by Senegalese President Macki Sal in 2014. The Egyptian participation comes in the framework of strengthening the mechanisms of African joint action to confront the various challenges facing the African continent.

Mutual Visits

  • On 14/11/2017, the Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs participated in the Dakar Peace and Security Forum in Africa in Senegal.
  • On 15/10/2017, the Senegalese President's Advisor for Religious Affairs visited Egypt to enhance cooperation between the two countries, discuss the latest developments on the African arena and to invite Egypt to participate in the activities of the peace and security forum.
  • On 12/9/2017, Senegalese President Macky Sall received a message from President Abdel Fatah El Sisi expressing Egypt's appreciation of Dakar's support for the Egyptian candidate to the post of director general of the UNESCO. Sall received the message at a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Hamdi Loza.
  • On 14/12/2016, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi received the Senegalese Minister of Education and the Special Envoy of the President of Senegal. During the meeting, President Sisi received a message from the Senegalese president, including his country's interest in strengthening bilateral cooperation with Egypt in various fields in the light of the close historical relations between the two sisterly countries.
  • On 27/10/2014, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi received Senegal's invitation to attend the 2014 Francophonie Summit in Dakar scheduled for November 29 and 30. The Senegalese minister asserted his country's appreciation for Egypt and praised Cairo's deeply-rooted support for Africa, especially Senegal.
  • On 10/3/2014, then President Adly Mansour received an invitation from Senegal to attend the 2014 Francophonie summit in the African country in November 2014. The Senegalese presidential envoy asserted his country's appreciation for Egypt and its people, praising Cairo's deeply-rooted support for Senegal.

Economic Relations

Senegal wants to have a presence in the Northeast Africa region and wants Egypt to have a strong presence in West Africa and the West Coast. The trade exchange between the two countries witnessed a remarkable increase in previous years. Egyptian exports to Senegal increased from about 30 million dollars in 2015 to 47 million and 300 thousand dollars in 2016. Senegalese imports to the Egyptian market reach about one million dollars, according to the United Nations International Trade Center. Egypt is therefore the second largest trade partner with Senegal.

Imports and exports

Among the most important products exported to Senegal are fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, ready-made garments, carpets, processed foodstuffs, vegetables, pesticides, building materials, ceramics, sanitary ware, oils, some chemical products and packaging materials.  As for the volume of investments between the two countries, there are 9 Egyptian companies operating in Senegal in the fields of infrastructure, telecommunications, public trade and agriculture.

Security Cooperation​​​​

Egypt’s Ministry of Defense organizes training courses for officers from the Senegalese armed forces and training courses to Senegalese security cadres.

Cultural Relations​​

​Al-Azhar provides 22 scholarships for Senegalese students and it also maintains a large mission consisting of 25 envoys who are deployed in different cities in Senegal.

A delegation from the Dar al-Ifta paid a visit to Senegal in September 2014 to deliver lectures on the moderate teachings of Islam which received wide acclaim from the Senegalese side.

Technical Cooperation​​

The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development plays a major role in Senegal by dispatching experts in various fields such as agriculture, grazing, judiciary, police, nursing, media and others.


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