Friday December 27, 2019
Friday, December 27, 2019
Friday December 27, 2019


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The Victoria Falls far from dying  

It looks like there is excitement and competition among Hollywood celebrities to visit the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, despite all the cheap negative propaganda.

One after the other, the celebrities have made it to the cradle of tourism and have not been able to hide their joy, thereafter.

The Victoria Falls remains Zimbabwe’s pristine and prime tourist attraction and regional and international tourist wholesalers have been actively marketing it.

Other countries in southern Africa are even marketing the falls as if they are in their territories.

Suffice to say, the falls- the main geomorphological splendour of the Zamebzi River, depict nature’s inexhaustible generosity, grandeur and soothing ambiance.

They are indeed a must-visit for any discerning tourist.

That the most nature loving tourist in the world wishes to visit the Victoria Falls, at least once in a lifetime, is not an exaggeration.

We understand why Hollywood cannot resist the falls.

Some neighbouring countries have been wishing the falls were located in their territories as evidenced by the way they market them to the world, “Come to our country and visit the Victoria Falls!”

Over the years, the mighty falls where millions of gallons of water gush down the chasm on the Zambezi River every second in peak period and thousands of gallons in the low season, have hosted many world celebrities from Hollywood actors to sports personalities and politicians.  

The falls, which Zimbabwe has kept as natural as possible, are far from losing their lustre in low or peak seasons.

Only a few days ago, Hollywood celebrity family, the Douglas became the latest celebrities to visit the   falls.

The Douglas family comprising Oscar award-winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones, Golden Globe and Academy Awards winner Michael Kirk Douglas (of the Basic Instinct movie fame) and their two children Dylan and Carys were on vacation in the resort town.

The Mask of Zorro actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, yesterday posted on social media a picture of her family posing in front of elephants bathing in a large pool of water.

“Greetings from Zimbabwe,” read her post. She also posted a video blowing a kiss while in a speed boat on the Zambezi. That is the magic of the falls. They touch your heart. For the Douglas family, this is a second visit, having visited without their children 15 years ago,

Other celebrities that were in Victoria Falls recently include South African television presenter and socialite Maps Mamponyane.

Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Terminator Star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chelsea Football Club billionaire Roman Abramovic and Movie Trainspotting actor Charlie Boorman are among those who made it to the Victoria falls. The list is endless.

Some might now know that the current queen of England, Elizabeth 11, opened the floodgates for Europe when she visited in 1947 with her family.

A few years ago, her daughter Princess Anne visited the falls as part of the Queen Jubilee celebrations.

Many celebrities have recently sneaked into the country and enjoyed themselves in the ambiance of nature, far from the madding crowd.

Cheap and negative propaganda that the falls were dying should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

The falls have been kept alive and natural, so natural that if missionary explorer David Livingstone and his contemporary ilk of the 1870s, were to rise from their graves today, they would not get lost.

Low water is seasonal and this is not the first time that there has been low water.

The low water levels are in no way a sign of the death of the falls. The Zambezi River is seasonal. It has its highs and lows.