Tuesday March 24, 2020
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Tuesday March 24, 2020

Egypt Today

G20 leaders to speak on Thursday about coronavirus, sources say

Egypt Today

President Sisi urges gov't to take more measures for fighting coronavirus

Sudan News Agency – Khartoum

Information Minister announces new case of coronavirus infection

Seychelles News Agency

Central Bank of Seychelles cuts interest rates, reserves foreign capital for basic commodities amid COVID-19

Africa News

Senegal, Ivory Coast declare state of emergency to curb COVID-19

Nile International

South Africa prepares for lockdown, as Coronavirus cases jump

Egypt Today

Sisi calls Egyptians to abide by state’s measures to confront COVID-19

TAP – Tunisia

First public videoconferencing platform hosted in Tunisia "VISIO.TN," launched

The New Times – Rwanda

Stay at home, avoid panic and don’t spread rumours!

Ever since Rwanda recorded its first case of COVID-19 a little over a week ago, some have used social media to spread misinformation and panic – a tendency with potentially far-reaching negative consequences.

As the country does everything possible to avert further spread of the virus it is critically important that all citizens and residents of Rwanda follow public health guidelines for their safety and that of their loved ones and the country at large.

It is incredibly callous for anyone to deliberately spread content that’s designed to cause panic and mislead the public at a time when everyone else the world over is working to stop this pandemic.

Some inadvertently help circulate heavily edited clips, footage and messages designed to distort the truth around the novel coronavirus, and this has at times undermined the bona fide communications from legitimate authorities and sources. This has created unnecessary anxiety, panic buying, and breach of restrictions on movement.

To avoid feeding rumours and misconceptions just don’t share anything whose sources are suspicious and is likely to cause panic and fear.

The Government has been open with regular updates from the days preceding COVID-19 outbreak in the country and this has remained the case since the confirmation of the first positive case.

Indeed, not a single day passes without a government institution, especially the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Rwanda Biomedical Centre, and Rwanda National Police, releasing a statement on the latest situation and the role of the public in this fight.

Coronavirus is a global pandemic but current efforts against the virus cannot succeed if you and I fail to play our role. All we need to do is to follow public health guidelines.

In a bid to contain the virus, the Government announced a partial lockdown on Saturday, urging people to stay home and to observe other precautionary measures such as social distancing, regular handwashing, and self-isolating and contacting authorities and medical professionals in case one presents symptoms.

Unfortunately, some people have not been cooperative or vigilant enough. For instance, some used all means possible to leave cities and head to rural areas unnecessarily, contrary to instructions. Others gathered for prayers in homes. These are dangerous acts that could hurt efforts to curb COVID-19 spread.

Thankfully, most people obliged and this will come in handy. These should help bring about behavioural change among those who are yet to adjust accordingly.

Restrictions on people’s movements come with a myriad of challenges but let’s all commit to pay this price for a short time for the greater good. Our own experience with other struggles has shown that whenever we’ve come together and done the needful we’ve triumphed together sooner rather than later. We must remain united, responsible and resilient in the face of this global pandemic.

Please stay home, practice social distancing, avoid spreading rumours and wash hands more frequently.